Elizabeth P.

Although I've known about Reiki and energy healing for years, I was never compelled to receive a healing until I met Amy. I will never forget my first session: I arrived feeling both heavy and drained simultaneously, but after an hour and a half with Amy I felt, well, amazing doesn't even begin to cover it! I left with a greater understanding of my place in the world, and just felt relaxed, connected and completely in tune with myself. It was a beautiful and fulfilling experience.  After getting to know her a bit more over the next year I felt compelled to become certified in Reiki as well, and Amy was a patient and thorough instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed my training. While I don't practice professionally like Amy does, I feel like it has improved my relationships and assisted me in self-healing.  I strongly encourage anyone, even if you are just feeling a little down or stressed, to have a session with Amy. She is truly amazing.


When I first met Amy, I was struggling with depression and anxiety. I barely could muster the energy to do every day things and spent most of my time angry, bitter, and stuck to the couch. Meeting Amy changed my life. I was pretty skeptical before our first Reiki session. I had no idea what to expect. Amy was fantastic and set me at ease with her caring and calm demeanor. The next morning, I literally felt like a brand new person. I had the energy back that I had lost months ago and I was laughing! LAUGHING!! Now after 3 months, I feel absolutely amazing. I leave my appointments feeling brighter - 'sunnier' is a good word... like there are sunbeams radiating out of me. I feel more peaceful, more 'open'. I stand taller, look people in the eye, and find myself smiling for no reason. I'm so grateful for every single moment instead of rushing through life, trying to 'do it all'. I highly recommend Amy to ANYONE, young to old… even if you're not feeling stressed out or depressed, but especially if you are! I truly feel like I can take on anything that's thrown at me now, and do it with a big ol' smile. And for that, I have Amy to thank.


Amy has quite simply and profoundly changed my life. Since I have found her, I have been able to take my life's purpose to levels I could not have dreamed possible. I was introduced to Amy while on vacation and when I went back home, I was disappointed to be so far away distance wise to her expertise. When she told me she could do distance healing, I was skeptical. However, I quickly found out that it was possible and amazing to experience. I have had Amy do many healing practices on me from a distance and I have always seen the results play out states away from where I am. I am grateful to know her and feel blessed to count her an earth angel.


Amy is kindhearted healer with a magnetic personality. I first made an appointment with her to see if she could ease the excruciating pain in my right leg that I had been tolerating for close to ten years. It radiated from my foot all the way to my hip almost constantly and nothing seemed to help it. During my first session, Amy helped me realize the connection between the physical pain I was experiencing and the emotional stresses that I had been dealing with for the same amount of time. It was a deeply healing session. After a decade of pain, I walked out with none! It was astounding. In subsequent appointments, she helped me work through more of the trauma that I had been struggling with, and I continue to see her even if I don’t know exactly what’s “wrong” – because I always feel better when I leave. In addition to receiving healings from her, she also came to my home to do a home clearing. My home feels lighter and more positive since she cleared it, and I’m even excited about starting a remodeling project that I had been putting off for years! I highly recommend making an appointment with Amy. She has an amazing gift.