About Amy

Amy MooneyAbout Amy Mooney

Reiki Master/Teacher, clairvoyant, Trinity Energy Progression Practitioner, Polarity Therapy, Ear Acupressure, Medical Intuitive & Home/Building Clearing.

When my family and I experienced dramatic healings through Reiki, I was compelled to learn how to give this amazing healing experience to others.  Since 2012 I have continually expanded to learn additional healing modalities in order to bring a unique healing experience to my clients.

Fully clothed under warm blankets and surround by soft lighting, your 60 or 90 minute healing sessions will be comfortable and relaxing. Through various hand positions, I move positive healing energy throughout your body to bring balance and rejuvenation.  I am also an intuitive healer.  This means I tune into energy that allows me to get to the root of the blockage or problem, and occasionally departed loved ones or Angels will give me positive and loving messages to relay to my clients.  My clients love to experience the depth of healing and understanding these communications bring to their healing sessions.  For more in-depth information from the other side I also offer group Angel Readings at Kriya.

For more info or to schedule an appt. with me please call 734-552-1379.