Remote Session

Remote Session Information
Energy is boundless and limitless

If you’re familiar with energy or body work, you may be accustomed to the typical setting in a quiet room equipped with a massage table and soft music playing. While these types of sessions are highly beneficial, sometimes they simply aren’t practical.

Remote sessions are the answer for anyone who either doesn’t have the time to travel for an energy work session or does not live geographically near their healing practitioner. Amy Mooney has developed a specialized Energy Remote Session that provides 100% of the benefits of an in-person session, without having to leave your home.

To schedule your Remote Energy Session:

1. Call or text Amy for an appointment (be sure to specify you want a Remote Session.)
2. Submit payment via PayPal.
3. Inform Amy of your specific goals or requests for the session either when you make your appointment or in an email. Some examples:

a. Pain and swelling in left knee
b. Headache
c. Cancer diagnosis
d. Indigestion or gut problems
e. Feeling disconnected or sad

4. During your session, simply live your life as usual. You do not need to sit still or meditate, although you can do this if you wish.
5. After your session Amy will contact you with an overview of her impressions and experiences during your Remote Energy Session.